Our team

Onn Chen


An agronomist and economist who has been involved in the organic field for over 20 years in Israel and the world. Founder and CEO of R.A.N., a company engaged in wholesale marketing of organic fruits and vegetables, a farmer with about 260 dunams of organic plantations, the vice president of ABM – the organic organization of the Mediterranean countries, and until recently CO-CEO in Bio – Freshi company in the Netherlands, engaging in wholesale marketing of organic fruits and vegetables in Europe. 

In the past, I managed packing houses in Gush Katif, worked as the coordinator of the tomato field at Agrexco company, and was the fruit buyer in the large retail company Shufersal. Married and father of three.

Dana Joskowicz


live and breathe agriculture, entrepreneurship and everything in between, with an inner motivation to create environmental and social change in the agricultural field. Re-founded and managed the NGO “Earth’s Proimse” which works to promote urban agriculture and community development in Be'er Sheva, in the Negev Region of Israel. Meanwhile worked as the coordinator of a network of entrepreneurs in the NGO “Eretz-ir”, which works to promote community and entrepreneurship in cities. Studied life sciences majoring in ecology and environment at Ben Gurion University, and studied in various institutes and teachers on sustainable agriculture, management and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Izhar Tugendhaft

SCI and Plantation expert

Studied plant sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, from bachelor's degree to the completion of PHD. In my master's thesis I studied the effects of radiation on wine grapes, and in my PHD I studied and characterized ancient olive varieties in Israel. I joined the IBOAA’s team in 2014 and since then I have been instructing and leading farmers of fruit crops of all kinds. I combine my academic experience with understanding the relationship between the soil and its fertility, the root environment, the landscape, interaction with beneficial and harmful within the soil and on the landscape of the tree and crop, and while looking at the whole plant. In addition, I accompanied the production of compost for organic agriculture and promoted an examination of the effectiveness of nutrient and plant protection preparations in various settings.

Tali Berner

Organic Industry coordinator

Food engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology at the Technion, with over 40 years of experience working in food and beverage factories. A member of the IFOAM standards committee for 12 years, a consultant in the development and regulation of processed organic products, a lecturer in the Faculty of Food Engineering, and has been coordinating the industry sector in the organization since 1997.

Dr. Isaac Stern

Veterinarian Doctor

Graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Milan, and studied PhD at the University of Bern. Managed the veterinary bureau in Tiberias, the international department of the Bivouac company for veterinary preparations, established and professionally managed an integration for poultry farming in Hungary. Since 1976 a veterinarian of poultry farms in kibbutzim, moshavim and poultry breeding organizations and a consultant to a pharmaceutical company and poultry breeding companies in China.

Angelica Elazar

Office Manager

A mother, a wife and a creator. For 24 years managed projects in the field of import, export and international trade, and engaged in customer service while working with agents abroad. For the past 11 years I have been engaged in learning and personal development, connection between body-mind-consciousness using tools from the world of NLP, Meditations, energetic tools and cards that I created. In addition to my work in the organization, I accompany people in creating changes and new beginnings. Connected to a healthy diet with an emphasis on organic nutrition, Like to work with people and happy to be part of the organization.

Liron Yung

Marketing consultant

Mother, organic-consumer and marketing manager for over a decade. Lives, breathes and explores a healthy lifestyle. Over the years I have done marketing for several brands and companies, and in recent years I have specialized in brands in the wellness niche. I work from a real and experienced connection and great passion.

Amit Vered

Vegetable Instructor

I live in Meitzer, a moshav in the Golan Heights. I am a farmer and in the process of developing a groundbreaking project of organic rice growth in drip irrigation. I graduated as an agronomist from the Faculty of Agriculture. In the last decade I have been involved in diverse agricultural projects, growing vegetables and herbs in organic practices, I have worked as an agronomist at the “Organic Green Farm” of Green 2000 organization, and conducted field trials for licensing new organic preparations for plant protection. I learned a variety of sustainable-farming methods from teachers in Israel and the world.

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